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The Quest


The Quest. Three elderly men, Dave, Ronno and Charlie, meet at Charlie’s retirement party and reminisce about their teenage “quest” in the 1950s to get laid. This had involved traveling on their motorbikes up to the Lake District “where all the girls shag like rabbits” – but things hadn’t turned out quite as they had planned.

Directed by David Jason / Yorkshire Television

Starring David Jason, Hywell Bennett and Jim Sturgess

Distant Shores

Distant Shores. London plastic surgeon Bill Shore accepts a six-month job on a small Northumbrian island called Hildasay in an attempt to save his marriage.The stories revolve around the various ways in which the family adjust to the island and its welcoming, but sometimes peculiar, inhabitants.

Directed by Jamie Payne, Julian Holmes / ITV productions

Starring Peter Davidson and Samantha Bond